Not only can you help OPES PTO reach their goal to provide tons of wonderful events, experiences and fun for teachers and students alike, the students can also WIN PRIZES of their own!

opes dance-a-palooza prizes

$25   Junior camper - Large Waterproof Sticker & Stress Ball or Oak Pointe Magnet
$50   hiking - Large Waterproof Sticker & Visit from The Old South Ironworks Treat Trolley
$75   kayaking - Large Waterproof Sticker & Squishmallow
$100   camp counselor - Large Waterproof Sticker & Stainless Steel Water Bottle
$150   ziplining - Large Waterproof Sticker & Camp Picnic
$200   archery - Large Waterproof Sticker & Archery Set
$250   ropes course - Large Waterproof Sticker & Bean Bag Toss/Ladder Ball Combo
$350   Top Prize!!! camp director - Each student who raises $350 or more will enjoy a pizza party with s’mores and the Rolling Video Game truck along with a Large Waterproof Sticker and a camping hammock!

dance-a-palooza incentives

September 11th (Wednesday)
Begin collecting donations. The TOP CLASS with the most money raised will get a KARAOKE PARTY! With a special treat*!

September 12th (Thursday)
Bring a dollar on Thursday, September 12th and you get to have STINKY FEET all day!! Every class that has 100% participation will receive a special treat* at lunch!

September 13th (Friday)
Bring $5 on Friday, September 13th and stay comfy all day in your PAJAMAS and bring your favorite STUFFED ANIMAL!! Every class that has 100% participation will receive a special treat* at lunch!

September 13th - September 15th (Weekend Challenge)
The TOP THREE CLASSES with the most money collected over the weekend will get to have a SLIME MAKING PARTY in the science lab!!

September 17th (Tuesday)
The TOP CLASS with the most money raised Tuesday night will get to have a BANDANA TIE DYING party!!

September 18th (Wednesday)
The class from each grade level with the highest participation on Wednesday night will receive a visit from the OLD SOUTH IRONWORKS TREAT TROLLEY*!

September 20th - September22nd (Final Weekend Challenge)
The TOP KID FROM EACH CLASS with the most money collected over the weekend will get to participate in the NINJA WARRIOR CHALLENGE with the staff member of their choice!



When we reach $30,000 and 95% participation
OPES will become Camp OPES and students will enjoy a fun-filled day with camp games and activities!

When we reach
Decades Day
When we reach
Western Day
When we reach
Wacky Tacky Day
When we reach
Favorite Holiday
When we reach
Senior Citizen Day
Poodles Skirts or Parachute Pants? You pick the decade and dress the part! Groovy man, Groovy! Howdy! Saddle up in your favorite western gear. You know, whatever you would wear to ride your horse to Old Town Road! Not just wacky, and not just tacky! On this day you can wear it all! Let your wild side show by throwing together your silliest outfit – EVER! There are so many to choose from! This is the day that it can be any day of the year! Pick your favorite holiday and show your spirit!! Grandma? Is that you? You may be 10 or under, but today you can have wrinkles and gray hair! Get Creative!

*All treats meet the district nutritional guidelines.
**Prizes are cumulative. Stickers will be distributed daily the week of Pal-a-thon; other prizes will be ordered September 23rd. Students who collect cash/checks will receive their stickers the day after the funds are received and processed at school.