Please note that offline donations (cash and checks) will not be entered by our Pioneers this year.  The PTO will enter these donations as they are received.  This simplifies the overall verification process and allows us to have an accurate overall collected amount.  Once we have received a cash or check donation, you will see it listed on this page.  You may either send a cash/check donation to school with your child, or you may drop it off at the main office with your child’s name and grade level attached.  Please make checks payable to OPES PTO. 

Online Donations:

At the completion of your ONLINE donation, you will be given the OPTION to pay an additional 3% of your total donation.  That three percent covers a portion of the credit card fees we must pay. 
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A-Team (Gr3)
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    Ms. A-Team (Gr3)

    Grade 3, A-Team (Gr3), 690669

  2. Profile picture

    Alexander Ph

    Grade 3, A-Team (Gr3), 654731

  3. Profile picture

    Chancelor Re

    Grade 3, A-Team (Gr3), 654733

  4. Profile picture

    Gavin Sa

    Grade 3, A-Team (Gr3), 654735

  5. Profile picture

    Emerson Sl

    Grade 3, A-Team (Gr3), 654737

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