Frequently Asked Questions:
A. You can pledge a student by going online to their personal PAL-A-THON page. To visit their page type in In place of the ###### part of the web address, put your child's participant number found on the white sticker on your child's Pal-a-thon Run envelope and/or Pal-a-thon Information Sheet.
A. Simply give a check or cash to your Pioneer, and s/he will take it to school, or you may drop it off at the school’s office along with the child’s name and grade. We will enter the donation onto his/her page once we have received it. Please make checks payable to OPES PTO.

A. It is a large budget. However, we are not just aiming to meet our budget goals this year, we are shooting for the stars and aiming to be able to fund and support more students, parents, and teachers with lots of smaller projects this year. Please see our What We Do page for more information about how we spend money each year as well as big ticket items we have purchased in previous years.
A. NO! Absolutely not! 100% of the money from the PAL-A-THON will stay with the OPES PTO! The PTO has put ALL of this together with the support of the school and local businesses in order to ensure OPES keeps all the money! There are some expenses associated with putting on the Pal-a-thon Rock ‘n Run, but these are minimal compared to what outside companies charge.
A. We recommend a pledge amount of $15-20. However, if you cannot afford that, you can pledge whatever amount is affordable for you. Online credit transactions can be no less than $15 simply because we incur transaction fees. If you would like to pledge less than $15, we ask you choose to send in your cash or check with the student to school.
A. We appreciate any pledge you can give! You are more than welcome to send a cash or check donation with your student to the school. Unfortunately because of processing fees, we just can't accept pledges below $15 online via credit card. However, we're more than happy to accept them as cash or check donations.
A. Prizes for the students are based on the total dollar amount that they collect. So, if someone donates a flat $25, then that child has now earned a $25 prize. If a child has a combined total of $50 in pledges, then that child will receive the $25 prize and the $50 prize.
A. Please refer to our Contact Us page and we will be more than happy to answer your questions! The best option would be to send us a message through the contact us page and a time when you can be reached and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.