What Does the PTO Do?

In order to support the BEST SCHOOL EVER the PTO needs to be at its best, and that requires a super PTO! The PTO takes its role of supporting students, staff, and the community very seriously.

So, what does the PTO do with all that money? As we prepare for our BIGGEST fundraiser this year, the PAL-A-THON Dance-A-Palooza, kicking off on September 11, 2019, we want parents to know how the money we raised is used.

Annual Expenses:
  • Barrel Buck Pouch for EACH student.
  • Red Communication Folder for EACH student
  • Kleenex, Hand Sanitizer, and Clorox Wipes for EVERY classroom (a full year’s supply)
  • Best Parents Ever Breakfast twice a year
  • Parent University Program (Free dinner or desserts prior to or after sessions)
  • Arts Day (Various artists share their talents with students—all day event)
  • Teacher Mini-Grants (Classroom teachers can apply for up to $150 for items not provided by the school or district)
  • Health Room Supplies (Items needed by Nurse Truong to best help our sick or injured Pioneers)
  • Fall Festival Rental Equipment (Dunk Tank, Slide, Fun House, Train, etc.)
  • Sweetheart Dance (Expenses not covered by ticket sales for our girls and their dates)
  • Date Night (Expenses not covered by ticket sales for this golf event for our boys and their dates)
  • Principal’s Fund (Items Ms. Smith needs for the school not paid for by the district)
  • Assistant Principal’s Fund (Items for Oak Pointes PBIS program)
  • Staff Hospitality (Making sure the best faculty and staff are appreciated for teaching and taking care of our Pioneers)
  • Pi Day (5th Grade math event celebrated March 14)
  • PTO matches the money raised by 5th graders for their end of the year celebration
  • Related Arts Supplies (Programs, material, and equipment used in Spanish, Computers, Music, Art, and PE.)
  • Media Center (Books, supplies, and electronic materials)
  • Literacy/Academic Support (Supplemental materials)
  • Science Lab (Materials for students to conduct experiments)
  • Volunteer Appreciation (Field Day lunch for our volunteers)
  • Guidance (Support for testing and small group resources/fidget toys/supplies)
Big Ticket Items Purchased in Previous Years
  • Playground Equipment—Rally Round, Drums, and Sandbox for big playground; Funnel Ball game for kindergarten playground
  • 17 Chromebooks
  • Rock Wall Installed in the Gym
  • Media Center Patio
  • New Basketball Goals
  • New PE Equipment
  • Partner with School for New Playground Shade
  • Kindergarten Picnic Tables

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